This is the Most Unique Engineering Demo Day Ever

Since the start of the pandemic, electrical and systems engineering senior design students have been tackling final team projects remotely from their homes. Engineering often requires hardware, and some teams were forced to abandon their work in labs and pivot to a software based element of their design. Others ordered new parts to work on aspects of their projects they could still fulfill. Zoom meetings with TAs and advisers became the new norm, and on April 10th teams faced the ultimate challenge—presenting their projects online to a team of judges who are also Penn alumni. Work style and format may have changed, but what didn’t change is the breadth of themes for the projects. Here’s the breakdown:

Whether hardware or software based, these projects show innovative solutions to problems affecting our community. Check out DevPost for details including partners, posters and final videos. Technology can offer unity, and we have witnessed even stronger connections between our students, faculty and alumni. A special thanks to all of our judges as we celebrate the success of our newest engineers, bringing their best work during a challenging time.